We love to be the first

trander joe's foursquare checkin screen shotI was definitely not the first customer to enter the new Centennial Trader Joe’s on opening day. I also wasn’t the first one to leave without buying anything, because of my impatience with the long checkout line.

I was the first person to be Foursquare Mayor – a very small – and ephemeral – thrill.

For many people in Denver, the arrival of three Trader Joe’s store on the same day was exciting news. Great food at even greater prices is worth celebrating. (And I did go back the next morning to endure the long wait. My reward was some inexpensive Sriracha, among other things.)

My question is: What makes us want to be the first to experience something that is all the rage?


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  1. I’ve often wondered the same thing, especially when I see news items about people camping out for days in front of the Apple store waiting for the next iPod, iPad or iPhone. The new phone will be the same on it’s second day and third day and fourth day – why so anxious to be there on the first day?

    Several years ago, when my parents were still living in Glendale, Whole Foods was opening a new store. On opening day I happened to be visiting my folks, and on my way home I had the idea that I’d drop into the new Whole Foods, stroll through the aisles and then head for home. The parking lot was jammed, and so was the street parking for blocks and blocks!

    This was not the first Whole Foods in the city, mind you – they were moving from a smaller store a couple miles away into a former supermarket, a larger building with a larger parking lot. The older store had been closed only a day or two, but half the city residents must have been snaking their way through that parking lot, waiting for cars to leave! I decided not to join them.

    That said, Trader Joe’s is a pretty cool store. I have three within easy driving distance, and hit at least one of them every week. I like their produce and their unique food items, and they usually have good prices on staples like eggs, milk, etc. It’s one of those places that I rarely leave without more items than were on my list. Hope you enjoy yours!

  2. Great observations, Deb. You are right about Apple having this phenomena down to a science.

    And I love Trader Joe’s! I am so glad that they are near me now.

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