We are all weak

magic shoe insertAbout nine months ago, I started experiencing pain in my left foot that just wouldn’t go away. Eventually, it reached the point where walking was painful. I put up with that for at least four months. I finally remembered my brother had experienced foot pain. I called him and he shared his experience of plantar fasciitis. Then I sought treatment, which meant a visit to a local foot pain specialist.

Complete healing came within about two months. Aaah! The difference has been dramatic. (Part of the solution was using the shoe inserts you see in this photo, and part of the solution was doing regular stretches for my foot muscles.)

The point of my little story is not to tell you where to go if you have foot pain, but rather to remind you to reach out to someone if you have a problem! Don’t wait. You may find an end to your misery a lot sooner than you imagine.

It may have been pride or simply laziness that prevented me from calling my brother. But if I had known that pain relief was within reach, I would have called much sooner. Please call someone you know who might be able to help with your problem. Even if they don’t know a solution, they may know someone who does.


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  1. When I had fasciitis, I consulted my doctor. He said there was an operation but the recovery took a year, but fasciitis typically passes within two years on its own. He set me up with stretching exercises, which made an immediate difference. Within a week or two, I had no more pain. I use Scholls inserts from Walmart in all my shoes ($50 a set), and rarely have discomfort anymore.

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