I’m just glad it exists

The Vertu Signature Touch smartphone costs $14,100. It’s incredible that such a thing even exists. But I’m glad.

Vertu Signature Touch featureIt’s comforting to know that a few people in the world can experience Vertu’s largest ever ruby button. (I am not sure what it controls – maybe the ejector seat?) And it’s reassuring that one craftsman carries each object d’art from start to finish. (Their signature is on the inside of the battery cover.) However, vegans would not be happy with the seaspray lizard skin and black alligator skin cases. Vertu’s “focus on performance extends to the range of stunning ringtones performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.”

I am not being sarcastic when I say that I’m glad that such a thing exists. Though I honestly think a $649 (£549) iPhone is better in almost every way,* the fact that people are willing to spend their excess funds on such an obsessed-over creation is amazing. Somehow the ultra-fringe is appealing to me. Though I would not want a Vertu Signature Touch, even if it were given to me, I’m glad it’s out there. I picture a Vertu craftsman working away in a dim-lit basement in the depths of rural England, smoking a Meerschaum, whilst listening to Benjamin Britten. It’s comforting.

* 1) I think the Apple OS ecosystem is better than the Vertu’s Android ecosystem. 2) Even though the per-unit expenses involved in the Vertu Signature Touch project are far more than that of the iPhone, the amount of development hours and design time that went into the iPhone is vastly more than what was invested in the Vertu. This is similar to why the navigation system on a Ferrari is not nearly as good as that of a luxury Toyota. 3) An object’s rarity does not automatically equal it being the best in its class.

If you want to learn more, you can download the brochure.


5 Replies to “I’m just glad it exists”

  1. Hey Paul, do you really think the iPhone is worth that much money? I’m still in the dark ages of flip phones with pay-by-the-minute service. I’m about out of minutes and I think I’ll move into the age of smartphones. The Samsung is half the price – what are the advantages of the iPhone?

    1. Actually, now that I’ve been looking online, I guess the comparable phones are comparably-priced, and not as expensive as I originally thought.

      1. I would recommend an iPhone, just because you are a Mac person. It would be easier to use. And there are cheaper ways to do it than through the big carriers. My missionary friend Shane can get you hooked up on the cheap. His email address is: shanedar at gmail dot com. Tell him I sent you.

  2. Hey, Paul, thanks for your friend’s contact info. I have a chance to buy an iPhone 4s from my niece for very cheap, so I might just try that for awhile, and upgrade later.

    Just out of curiosity, how is Shane able to offer lower prices? Are the phones refurbished or something?

    1. Hey Deb. No prob. The phones themselves – not any deal – just on the monthly service.

      Your 4S plan sounds like the way to go!

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