Really shiny

shiny things at michaelsI am embarrassed at my comments about the chain of stores called Michael’s┬áthat I made to Heather just after we got married. I said something about how it was for ladies who were bored and had crafty tendencies – but I probably used┬ámore negative and judgmental words.

We went there recently and I just loved the shiny aisle. (Don’t worry – just seeing it for a few seconds and then three minutes later insisting that my daughter Rachel* see it was enough for me.) But how awesome that such a shiny aisle could exist in any store.

* (Shown.)


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  1. How funny – the “shiny” aisle! I am always tempted by that aisle when I walk into Michael’s, and I suppose they intentionally put it at the front of the store so that you have to walk by it to get to anything else. I enjoy shopping at Michael’s, but I am glad they now have Hobby Lobby to compete with, at least in my area. My big problem with any of the superstores is that they don’t carry the specialty items the small independents used to carry, and while those items are available online, I miss the personal attention of a shop owner who really knows their stuff.

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