An ode to some wonderful Simple Shoes

Simple ShoesI will miss these Simple Shoes. I bought them back in the mid-1990’s. They have lasted quite a long time. They’ve been comfortable and durable. They pushed the style of Converse All Stars in a new direction, back when they came out. (The Simple Shoes brand was launched in 1991.)

My friend Gary Cowman introduced me to this quintessential Californian brand. (Gary is a quintessential Californian, though he has lived in Africa for more than 20 years.) So after we left Africa for the first time, back in 1994, I had to pick up a pair. I think I even bought them at a mall in California.

I have had them re-heeled twice. My favorite shoe repairman (who I’ve never met, as his wife is the shop’s gatekeeper, and I think his command if English is lacking) even added some reinforcement around the inside achilles heel area.

But I finally had to say goodbye. They had become my junk shoes – what I would wear to mow the lawn. But the heel area became so worn out that my weak ankles couldn’t stand the lack of support. They’re on the way to the Goodwill. At least I took some pictures to be part of my digital memory.

Interestingly, the brand “Simple Shoes” has been dead for the last four years. They have had a very successful Kickstarter campaign to get back in business. (It ended just after I wrote this post. And they got more than four times what they requested!)

Look for Simple again – coming soon to a shoe store near you, I hope.


2 Replies to “An ode to some wonderful Simple Shoes”

  1. All right, I confess you got me with this title. Of course I had to immediately read the ode to a wonderful pair of simple shoes!

    I continue to be puzzled by people who lack the ability to identify and choose a very good pair of shoes. Shoes are just sorta my thing, I guess, since the last I can remember.

    So… sandals have been more of a challenge for me, however. Until this weekend. I bought a truly exceptional pair of sandals that have boosted my confidence to new heights.

    My friend Liza in college wore a pair of Simple clogs and they pretty much defined her.

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