And we wonder why the sky is brown

emissionsI had a shocking realization the other day. I took our 12-year old Honda minivan in for an emissions test. (It’s required by law.)

The family transport vehicle (aka, “living room on wheels”) passed with flying colors. In fact, the margin between what was acceptable and what it produced was huge. And that’s with a relatively large engine – 3.5 liters that produces 240 horsepower.

Here are the results:

  • Hydrocarbons – just 2% of the fail amount
  • Carbon Monoxide – just under 3% of the fail amount
  • Nitrogen oxides – 28% of the fail amount

Obviously, the Colorado government needs to tighten its standards. Methinks the law makers have a bunch of weekend 1960s American cars with no emissions controls installed at all.