When good songs become bad

Hearing a song over and over can ruin a perfectly good song.

As I visited Kinko’s today, I heard a song that I’d be happy to never hear again for the rest of my life.

sir-paul-mccartneyPaul McCartney is definitely one of the most talented musicians of the last 50 years. But every song he has written and sung has not been a masterpiece. (Very few musicians have that capability!)

Band on the Run is not my favorite song by Sir McCartney. Even when it became a world-wide hit on the radio, I didn’t enjoy it very much.

So when the Kinko’s playlist featured that song, I nearly ran out of the store screaming. (Well, not really.)

Can we have a world-wide moratorium on certain songs? Please?


3 Replies to “When good songs become bad”

  1. Oh boy…don’t get me started! Let’s see if I can narrow to one that drives me particularly nuts. I’ll be back tomorrow!

  2. “I Can’t Go For That” by Hall & Oates has always driven me up the wall. Also “Karma Chameleon” “Centerfold” “You Are Everything” “Shop Around” “Cecilia” and everything by Michael Jackson.

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