The lost bet

100-dollarsDuring my last year of college, I made a bet with my roommate, Brian Wells. I bet him $100 that within ten years, I would be more into classical music than rock music.

After ten years, my tastes had not shifted. I still listened to way more rock music than classical.

That’s the only bet involving money that I’ve ever made.

That wager came out of my growing love for classical music. My design degree meant many long late nights working on assignments that didn’t require brain engagement. Listening to records with headphones took some of the tedium out of my all-nighters. For the sake of variety, I listened to the widest selection of music that my budget would allow.

One month, my¬†university had a record sale at the student center. I picked up two records that I quickly fell in love with – Mozart’s 40th & 41st symphonies and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

I listened to both records enough that I memorized every musical phrase. And I spun the Four Seasons so many times that I cannot listen to it today.

Mozart’s 40th Symphony contains the highest form of musical expression I have ever heard – the slow-moving Andante movement. The string section comes in slow and builds to a peak of energy that brings tears to my eyes.

Because of my deep love for that piece, I thought that my tastes would shift to embrace more classical than rock.

Alas, the easy accessibility of rock has maintained the lion’s share of my attention – compared to the more complicated and longer classical works. (Think steak vs. candy.)

My tastes still span the gamut of all but mainstream music. But there are parts of every genre that I hate with a very deep passion. Today, the vast majority of my listening time is devoted to quirky alternative rock. There’s always something interesting and new to be found.

Brian never collected his $100. I lost touch with him after he experienced significant painful life events. If you know where Brian is, tell him to give me a shout.

I’d love to pay up.


4 Replies to “The lost bet”

  1. Makes me smile. I listened to Mozart’s 40th over and over as well. And Vivaldi. And Beethoven’s 6th. THough for writing papers at the last hour rather than design.

  2. My latest music passion is Appalachian inspired, including bluegrass. From Ricky Skaggs, Allison Kraus, to Caitlin Canty, The Duhks, Red Molly, Crooked Still, Carolina Chocolate Drops, just to mention a few. Love the mountain dulcimer.

    1. I love bluegrass too, Gary… as you may or may not remember, Mark Bennett (my old boss) introduced me to bluegrass & I’ve never regretted that.

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