Life is short

This morning, our beloved kitty went to “the happy hunting grounds,” as my dad used to call heaven for cats and dogs.

Floof was the best cat ever.

So as I write this with tears in my eyes, I share with you these few little things:

  1. Be thankful for those around you. I am very thankful for the eleven brief years we had with Floof.
  2. Show love to those around you, because you don’t know how long they will be part of your life.
  3. Don’t take your own life – you will leave lots of pain behind for those who survive.

If you want to make a donation to the pet rescue organization where we found Floof, the Denver Dumb Friends League is a worthy group. Or give to the pet rescue organization in the town of your choice. Thanks.


6 Replies to “Life is short”

  1. I remember Floof when he first became a part of your family. I’m sure it’s a sad day. He had a happy life. ❤️

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Floof. Pets are so special because of the love they give us unconditionally. When we lost Betty a few years back I was not prepared for how much and how long I’d miss her. Hugs and love to you old friend.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Floof, Paul. I lost my Watson in December, and there’s still a void in the house. I’m sure you feel the same without Floof. It takes awhile to be ready, but rescuing another furry friend will bring that particular type of love back into your house.

    1. Thanks Deb! We are looking forward to finding a new friend in August (after our family vacation).

      Sorry about the loss of your friend your Watson.

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