biohazardWhen I saw this logo, the first thing I thought of was “biohazard”. I don’t have any negative feelings towards Disney Stores, but their logo looked a lot like the biohazard symbol.

Yes, I know there is the figure-ground thing happening (for those of you who might have taken an art class). But the red toxic waste aspect to the symbol also conspired against my perceptions.

It boils down to usability. They designers (or the client) should have tested this application of the logo with a few more people before it saw the light of day. A simple change to light green would have done the trick.


Bad logo of the week

corner-cleanersThis clothes cleaning establishment’s logo was so bad I had to show it to you, my friends.

This is a perfect case of “spend a little money and get a lot”. Hiring a really good designer to do a great logo might be expensive. But there are any number of mediocre designers out there who could do a much better logo for cheap.

Point being? If you have a professional-looking logo, you project an image of quality. A really poor logo like this one? Well, you do dry cleaning. Maybe poor-quality dry cleaning.

Which of these hair salons would you be willing to spend more money at – top (Cuts to Dye For) or bottom (Vida Salon)?

By the way, “of the week” in the title was just an indication that if I was willing to subject myself to regular misery, I could feature a new bad logo every week until I die – and never run out.



A fine line between legibility and creativity

2-google-logosGoogle runs the world. Well, not quite. But they obviously have a massive impact in the sphere of internet use.

Though their applications are very minimal in design, they use some creativity in the presentation of their logo on their landing page. But there is a spectrum of legibility and creativity – when does the creativity go to far? (The top commemorates the birthday of Napoleon Orda of Belarus. The bottom commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Django Reinhard’s Birthday.)

By the way, this post was inspired by my brother Bill. He doesn’t blog, but he is very active as an Amazon reviewer. And Google, of course, provided the logos. Thanks both.