Bad logo of the week

corner-cleanersThis clothes cleaning establishment’s logo was so bad I had to show it to you, my friends.

This is a perfect case of “spend a little money and get a lot”. Hiring a really good designer to do a great logo might be expensive. But there are any number of mediocre designers out there who could do a much better logo for cheap.

Point being? If you have a professional-looking logo, you project an image of quality. A really poor logo like this one? Well, you do dry cleaning. Maybe poor-quality dry cleaning.

Which of these hair salons would you be willing to spend more money at – top (Cuts to Dye For) or bottom (Vida Salon)?

By the way, “of the week” in the title was just an indication that if I was willing to subject myself to regular misery, I could feature a new bad logo every week until I die – and never run out.



5 Replies to “Bad logo of the week”

  1. Wow… that’s hideous… and not only the logo, either. Place looks like some of these “gentlemen’s” clubs you see along the highway…

    And, while the top logo is creative and shows some imagination… I prefer the bottom one.

    Do I win? 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering for a while now, what if an establishment of sorts has a great logo/design, yet has horrible service/poor product. Theoretically, couldn’t a business that fails in all other respects have a great logo? How often does that happen? Can you think of any? I can’t, yet. Maybe that’s why we so readily connect good design with good business.

  3. Thanks Tim, Steve & Johanna.

    Steve: This was actually the back door. I shot it that way as it made the logo look even more dire.

    Johanna: I agree that the best logos accurately reflect the business or organization they represent.

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