Actual size

actual-sizeA dying art form… writing letters.

This back-of-record-label went between my brother and me for almost five years. We put the location and date from where and when we sent letters to each other.

I treasure that label. (Actually, he has it. I have a color photocopy.) A previous or past label may reside in one of my boxes.

We stopped the label exchange many years ago. But we still write letters to each other, though not as much as we used to. Email is much faster and easier. But way less satisfying. (Maybe I should take my fingers off the keyboard and pick up a pen. Phil Gerbyshak might agree with me.)


4 Replies to “Actual size”

  1. The memory test is this: what is on the OTHER SIDE of that label? I don’t remember myself! I’ll have to look.

  2. I miss letters sometimes, but my handwriting has gotten even more pathetic with disuse.

    There was something good about taking the time to craft a long, reasonably coherent missive. I rarely do that anymore.

  3. I certainly do agree with you, though I’d go in the “guilty as charged camp.” I need to write more letters too.

    I bought a great pen to write some letters with, a vanishing point Pilot fountain pen. It’s on repair with Levenger now, and I need to get it back and stop making excuses about why I can’t write…and just do it.

    Thanks for the reminder. Keep at it! It’s WAY worth it!

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