Not secure enough

jackthreadsIt’s true – I worry enough about what people think that I could not wear this hoodie in public. But I think it’s very cool.

Jackthreads is a very hip clothing sales site, accessible by invitation only. They offered this jacket recently. Much of their stuff is sold for half price or less. As soon as the stock is sold, it’s gone.

If you want an invite, just leave a comment. Maybe you’re more secure than I am.


Useless information

useless-infoI monitor Google Alerts as part of my job. It’s a great tool – and the price is right (free!).

Due to evil spammers, I have been getting a lot of useless links – like the one I’ve highlighted in the bottom snapshot. That linked to a spammy link-bait site. All they got from me was a click – and in this case, not even that!

Top snapshot? I use Lijit to track stats for my blog (one of about three tools). But those four digit results always come up on the list of searches that brought people to my blog. Totally useless. I typed “2017” into the Lijit search field on my blog – and it brought up one of my posts. (Because of a WordPress glitch, I currently cannot name posts by anything relating to their name.)

Since I took that screen snapshot, I contacted Lijit. Their suggestion may work. (Time will tell.) But 404 errors resulted from each filter entry.

And “cute little boys in church”? That’s creepy! Nothing like that has ever been on my blog. (As soon as I hit “publish” it will, though.)

I guess my frustration is that in the days of tools being totally analogue (hammer, nails, etc.) – results were easier to obtain. However, thumbs may have been more bruised than they are today!


Jerry’s power

jerry-f3A good friend is a student at Denver Seminary. She shared some treasures from their book sale. I had to pass these precious findings on to you…

There are some mixed messages found therein – Jerry claimed to be both the author of our troubles and the only name that can bring salvation?


Not Swiss

NOT-swissFaithful readers will know that I enjoy looking at the Sunday newspaper coupon supplements for a few moments of amusement each week.

Swiss iced tea? No. At least not in gallon containers. Even then, no. Iced tea is a distinctively American thing. Gallon clear plastic jugs of a cold beverage are not very Swiss.

Diet Swiss iced tea? Even further removed from reality.

Finally, I went to the where to buy section of their site, typed in “Switzerland” – and you guessed it – “No results found.”