Not secure enough

jackthreadsIt’s true – I worry enough about what people think that I could not wear this hoodie in public. But I think it’s very cool.

Jackthreads is a very hip clothing sales site, accessible by invitation only. They offered this jacket recently. Much of their stuff is sold for half price or less. As soon as the stock is sold, it’s gone.

If you want an invite, just leave a comment. Maybe you’re more secure than I am.


5 Replies to “Not secure enough”

  1. Yes you have to wear this!! Hip!
    And yes I´d like an invite – although it´s probably hard for me to shop from overseas… 😉 But I want to LOOK (cheaper as well)

  2. Paul: This would totally work on you!

    Hey, I met some of your Wyc. guys this week: Paul and Joyce (?) Smith. The wife worked with you on your return from Kenya. “The Merrills: Famous even in remote parts of Indiana!”

    Send a Jackthreads invite so I’ll know where to shop for your birthday!

  3. I signed up today, but should have looked at the site first. Doesn’t look like much that will appeal to me or my kids. Maybe styles will change.

  4. I like the look, the colors are great, and would have worn some of the clothes (maybe?) 20 years ago, but these days I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy.

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