Useless information

useless-infoI monitor Google Alerts as part of my job. It’s a great tool – and the price is right (free!).

Due to evil spammers, I have been getting a lot of useless links – like the one I’ve highlighted in the bottom snapshot. That linked to a spammy link-bait site. All they got from me was a click – and in this case, not even that!

Top snapshot? I use Lijit to track stats for my blog (one of about three tools). But those four digit results always come up on the list of searches that brought people to my blog. Totally useless. I typed “2017” into the Lijit search field on my blog – and it brought up one of my posts. (Because of a WordPress glitch, I currently cannot name posts by anything relating to their name.)

Since I took that screen snapshot, I contacted Lijit. Their suggestion may work. (Time will tell.) But 404 errors resulted from each filter entry.

And “cute little boys in church”? That’s creepy! Nothing like that has ever been on my blog. (As soon as I hit “publish” it will, though.)

I guess my frustration is that in the days of tools being totally analogue (hammer, nails, etc.) – results were easier to obtain. However, thumbs may have been more bruised than they are today!


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  1. Does WordPress use tags? Oh, I see you do. Never mind.

    My older posts that got the greatest number of search hits included song lyrics (including one titled “Sog Lyrinks”) and one time when I typed a bunch of nonsense like “what is a tag? shoo be do wah wah” into the tag field. Now most of my hits come from subscribers and recs. Xanga has a tab called “Footprints” that shows who has accessed the blog recently and how. A lot of the footprints tend to be from data miners in Korea.

    The “church” part of that one search is probably what caused the hit on your blog.

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