They don’t make them like this anymore


I saw this beauty, waiting for the dumptruck to haul it away. I nearly cried at the thought of it entering a landfill.

Grundig Majestic. Made in Germany in maybe 1960. Beautiful rosewood veneer. Shortwave radio, along with a turntable. (Of course it doesn’t work.) If we had room, I’d gut the interior and make it into a cabinet of some sort.

Alas, the house is full, so I sold it on Craigslist. The gentleman who bought it wants to use the shortwave. Triumph!


One Reply to “They don’t make them like this anymore”

  1. Nice-looking radio. We had a simpler version in Colombia, don’t remember the brand, but a mixture of buttons and knobs, with a couple of short wave bands along with AM and maybe FM (not much on FM those days).

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