The Christian T

I’m not fond of the idea of Christian merchandise that costs twice what regular stuff costs.

I have long been a silent critic of stores that sell candles with Bible verses on them – costing five times what they might cost at Target without the verses.

A secondary thing… I am not willing to put a symbol on the back of my car telling the world of my faith in God. The simple reason is this – I am not a perfect driver. One day I might accidentally cut off another driver – and make her angry. She will then see that symbol and lump all Christians in the “bad driver” bucket. Furthermore, I doubt that anyone will change their course toward God through seeing a symbol on my car.


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  1. I totally agree. I used to have a Green Bay Packers shirt. (I did not buy it. It was given to me.) Almost every time I wore it someone would comment on the shirt and a conversation would ensue. I reckon if you want to witness buy a Green Bay Packers shirt and see where the conversation leads you.

  2. I buy all my candles at the dollar store.

    A friend at church has a vast collection of Christian t-shirts. One of the best I saw was on a former coworker, in Home Depot colors, and it said “Building materials saved my life!”

  3. I think faith is very personal and should be kept private. A small cross near by the heart is perfect. (or a hidden tattoo maybe?) I don´t like people demonstrating their relation to god. So I like it you don´t have a sticker on your car 😉
    But the tee´s cool though.

    BTW there are these kind of stickers for disabled as well. Awful!

  4. the ‘christian tshirt’ is one of the most unfortunate oxymorons of our time. i firmly believe that it’s one of the primary reasons the world tends to not-like-us.

    -despite what edgy haircut marketing execs find to model the thing.

    1. Agreed on both points, Stefani.

      I would venture to guess that many of those candles will end up unused in landfills, after the people who buy them die.

      I’m a bit fatalistic this morning…

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