The best gift you can give your kid this Christmas


It’s all too easy to go out and buy something for your kid for Christmas. But what he or she really wants is you.

Think of creative ways you can spend time with your kid during the holidays. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take them out for a one-on-one meal.
  • Go sledding. Or if your town is too warm for that, take them to the beach.
  • Go to a free Christmas or Hanukkah concert at a nearby church or synagogue.
  • Catch a movie together.

Enjoy! Both of you.

To practice what I preach, this will be my last blog post until 2012.


4 Replies to “The best gift you can give your kid this Christmas”

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say that I was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya and live in Denver…Would love to meet you over a cup of coffee and chit chat about life in Kenya and Colorado.

  2. Merry Christmas Paul and family. You will have to let us know what movies you saw with the kids. I went to “Puss in Boots” and enjoyed it. Refused to see “Jack and Jill” however, am not a Adam Sandler fan.

      1. “TinTin” is one of the movies we have in mind to see during the Christmas holidays. And “We Bought a Zoo”. Yes, my kids are too young still to see the Sherlock Holmes films.

        The photo of the little boy eating the pudding in my Boxing Day collage is one of my nephews.

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