My longest-owned thing

Victorinox knifeI bought this knife when I was about 12 years old. I still have it. As you might guess, it’s a little too bulky to carry around in my pocket. But I do throw it in the luggage when we’re heading for an overnight.

When I bought it, I was under the illusion that bigger was better. And at the time, the Victorinox Champion was the biggest and most feature-laden model available. I paid $19 for it, which was a lot of money to me back then. (The latest equivalent has a few more features and costs $99.)

I am amazed that the basic design has remained the same over all those years. The seventh-generation Porsche 911 looks similar to the original 1963 model. When a design is good, it’s worthwhile to explore deeply the reasons for changing it, before a re-design.

What is the thing you’ve had longer than anything else?


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  1. Thanks Paul for the site and the knife story. It made me wonder what my oldest object is that is still in my posession. Especially for as much as I’ve moved around. Cheers!

  2. Paul, I like this. This is classic Shiny Bits. I have a garlic press that has the best design ever. I am convinced no one could possibly improve on it. Every time I use it, I pause and just take in the perfection of it. I *love* great kitchen tools.

    Interestingly, I got a Swiss army knife when I was 12 or so, too. It was a gift.

  3. I have most of my childhood books, going back to my very earliest years. My grandma subscribed us to the Weekly Reader Book Club and sent us shipments to Colombia. Many of those books have candle wax splatters on the pages from being read in the jungle.

  4. This brings back memories! These were all the rage to buy for a serious boyfriend when I was in high school!

    What have I had longer than anything else?…my first Bible given to me by my church when I was in elementary school. After that, a couple of pieces of jewelry my parents gave me at important times in my growing up years (confirmation and high school grad)

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