Something you can do for Earth Day

Choose to walk

This is a re-post. I thought you might enjoy this little idea that originally appeared on October 7, 2011.

You know you need to exercise. I know that I do. You know that you need to run lots of errands each week.

Why not combine the two?

Riding your bicycle or walking to that place will take you more time. But you have to go there anyway! Why drive to the gym and run on a treadmill when in the same time it would take you to do both, you could save fuel, help the environment and enjoy being outside?

Disclaimer: I realize this only works if you live in a town that’s laid out where you can do your errands close to home.


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  1. Paul, I love those STAMPS! I wish I had bought them last year! You write alot about cars, and that’s what America is designed around: cars. Europe was designed around feet. It’s much easier to walk there: and harder to park!

    Happy Earth Day: everyday!

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