Don’t wait

Ceiling speakerI waited.

For more than a year, I heard Taylor Swift – and her friends – singing the same songs over and over and over. The company that runs the building I work in hires Muzak to pipe tunes into our halls and bathrooms.

My brain has a problem with repetition – when I hear the same song over and over, it starts burrowing into the deep crevices of my consciousness until I feel like I’m about to die.

Well, not really, but you get the point.

My daughter heard me complain, over and over, about the music in my office building. She finally asked, “Dad, why don’t you ask the company that runs your building if they could change the music?”

I came up with a few excuses. She kept asking me. Finally, I tracked down the building management company, and they agreed to change the music.

Why did I wait so long?!

Moral of the story – don’t wait. Ask the gatekeepers to change. They just might!

By the way, Muzak is now called Mood. For those of you who haven’t heard of Muzak, that is the company that caused the creation of the term, “elevator music.”


2 Replies to “Don’t wait”

  1. I haven’t heard Muzak in years. Most stores seem to play regular commercial music now. A lot of it is awful, in the clothing stores I visit with my wife. Sometimes I complain, but they usually won’t do anything about it. So I just stuff my ears with Kleenex.

    1. I like the Kleenex option, Tim! And believe it or not, you’re probably hearing Muzak in those stores. It’s still a very common commercial service that provides music for many public and private spaces.

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