The beer can net

When I was a sophomore in college, I was counseling a very young freshman about the ways to decorate a dorm room.

“Some people hang a net from their ceiling and fill it with beer cans. But that’s really tacky.” (I don’t know what word I used to say “tacky.”)

Less than a month later, I passed by his room and saw just such a net hanging from his ceiling.

Somehow he missed the part about “really tacky.”

Moral of the story – listen to all of what someone tells you.


2 Replies to “The beer can net”

  1. Although I agree about the tackiness, just because you don’t take someone’s advice doesn’t mean you didn’t listen to all they said. Maybe he just didn’t agree.

    1. You are right – and my post indicates a prejudice against the taste of some people!

      In this case, he seemed to be blissfully unaware – maybe consumption of a large quantity of beer was involved.

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