No-Alcohol Beers For the Win

Surprisingly tasty!

Brewdog, WellBeing & Athletic Brewing no-alcohol beersI was amazed when I first tasted a beer created by Athletic Brewing. They managed to brew a beer that’s very low in alcohol content and yet tastes like a decent microbrew.

Besides no alcohol, these beers have very low calories. Win-win!

My favorite brew by Athletic is their Free Wave Hazy. When I went to my local Whole Foods to get a refill, I discovered that Athletic Brewing has some competition…

WellBeing takes no-alcohol beer to another level by packaging their beer in pint cans bundled into four-packs. Their Intentional IPA tastes mighty fine – hoppy and refreshing. And their package design is definitely the best.

Brew Dog has several flavors and sell variety packs.

And I’m sure there are more tasty no-alcohol brews from brands that I haven’t discovered.

Warnings and caveats:

  • These are not cheap. It costs money for these breweries to work their magic.
  • These beers are for the US market. If you live in England, try Small Beer.
  • There might be a tiny amount of alcohol in these brews. So if you’re 100% against consuming any alcohol, skip to another aisle in your supermarket.
  • I avoid beers like Heineken 0.0 and Budweiser Zero. (Basic seltzer water also has no alcohol. But I like basic seltzer water.)

2 Replies to “No-Alcohol Beers For the Win”

  1. Over the last six or eight months I’ve been experimenting with no alcohol wine. I started with wanting to make some sangria, but my heart meds say no alcohol so I found Fre wines. They have a wide selection – merlot, red blend, chardonnay, white, moscato and others, plus a Brut that I used for a champagne punch at a Christmas party. There are many other brands of NA wines, too.

    I also tried a NA rum substitute. I’ve never been a spirits drinker, but I wanted to make a rum sauce for ice cream. To my unsophisticated palate it tasted nasty by itself, but in the sauce it was delicious!

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