The value of analog

Slow can be better.

Taking time to write a letter by hand adds value to communication that is just not part of an email or a text message.

Hand-written communication┬áis much more personal than reading someone’s thoughts on a screen.

And you can personalize your letter with an additional layer of communication… using a custom letterhead. Above, you can see a simple letterhead I made by clipping the Onyx logo off one of their amazing coffee packages.

The coffee mug my daughter made is worth far more to me than the fine Starbucks mug I picked up at the Goodwill.

A watch that is hand-made in Switzerland is worth more than an Apple watch made mostly by machines in China.

More time invested in producing an object is often reflected in the final value. A Singer Porsche can cost $1,000,000 – compared to a new Porsche 911 starting at a sweet $114,000.

So write a letter. It’s an easy way to share yourself with a friend.

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One Reply to “The value of analog”

  1. Good thoughts and perspective…we need that perspective in this digital age. As I (Michael) get older I appreciate the analog over the digital….a hand written letter or card carries the personal touch and given the rarity of these communicates care.
    On another note…I’m also appreciating the design expressed throughout creation that reflects the hand of our master artist….examples include butterflies, flowers, etc. These little ‘wonders’ are everywhere and on a grand scale include our solar system and beyond. It’s a bit like walking into a gallery of fine art and appreciating the artists that brought beauty via paint and canvas.

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