Avatar review

avatarAvatar was indeed a 5-star movie. It had a romance, a plot, incredible special effects – and believability, in a science-fiction sort of way.

I thought it is worth seeing now, as opposed to later via a DVD. The scope of the scenery and the 3D effects were worth the extra expense and hassle of seeing it in a theater.

My favorite part was the texture – rich and deep. James Cameron and his crew lavished massive amounts of attention to detail.

The downside? The battle scenes were too long for my taste. Two hours and 42 minutes cut down to just two hours would have made the movie that much better.

The verdict? Get thee to a theater.

I borrowed the picture came from the film’s website.


A great Christmas present for the business person in your life

tacoversmallTrust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith.

This is without a doubt the best business book that came out in 2009. It’s readable, interesting and filled with great illustrations. It is laced with application sections, so you can grab things to use in your business or organization.

Chris brings something new to the field of business communications – humility. He proves that you do not require a big ego to get the job done well. He cites many stories about how the best way to further your goals is to help someone else. What a refreshing voice!

Julien adds a lot of stimulating insights to the mix. However, since I don’t know him like I know Chris, it’s harder for me to really sift out exactly the part he had in the book’s creation.

Most books in the business category I read or skim and then sell on Amazon. This one? It stays on my shelf.

What’s the best book you added to your keeper shelf this year?


Ignite Boulder 7

ignite7boulderIgnite Boulder 7 was last Thursday, December 10th. This was the second Ignite Boulder event I went to and the third Ignite. (Denver was my first.)

In short, this one wasn’t as good as it could have been. No bad reflection on Andrew Hyde, the host. He was trying his hardest to keep things on track. But that was an impossible task.

The bad? Expletives were the main meal rather than the spice. And this time, the crowd had a little too much to drink at the pre-party. Many would yell whenever they felt like it – whether their contribution was helpful or not. The yellers must have been used to the Twitter environment, where it is OK to comment on everything. They forgot the basic difference… Twitter allows people the option to listen. At Ignite Boulder 7, there was no option.

The good? Still a great way to experience some new ideas in a fast-moving, live format.